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June 28 -- It's a Long Way Down

I didn't have time for a new go or boardgame strip, so here's a strip of mine from the Bench this week! Since I drew Gabe & the squirrel instead of using the clipped Bench art, I'm happy to place it among my comics here. Bench strips have to be no more than 750 pixels wide, but no maximum height was ever specified... :) The gimmick of this strip makes me feel a warm fuzzy meta feeling in a Scott McCloud kind of way. (I recently bought McCloud's new book Reinventing Comics and am enjoying it.)

My plan is to keep doing Bench strips but to keep doing original art in them, and more of these will no doubt find their way into the Ko Fight Club archives. My Watchmen Bench strips will continue to use Penny Arcade characters since that's their established look and feel now...!

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